His Writings

This opening introduction represents a small selection of books, articles and speeches, written by Israel Yeshayahu, including a few selected passages and a bibliography of all of Israel Yeshayahu’s works.

Israel Yeshayahu was a scholar since his early childhood. His binding ties with the Hebrew language and its sources led him to write a great deal from the late 1930’s, when he was still a youth, and until his passing in 1979.

His writings in eloquent Hebrew had a significant impact on the joint  activities of the founding fathers of the State.

His love of history, his people and of classical literature inspired him to literary writing, focusing on Yemenite Jewish folklore and on personal and human dramas.






from the book "Singly and Together"

A collection of articles

From the book “From Yemen to Zion”

The political status of Jews In Yemen

From the book “A Time and a Place”

Woman’s Year In the World and in Israel

Speech of Speaker of Knesset Israel Yeshayahu

Ceremony of Torch Lighting on Mount Herzl 1973

The archival collection of former Speaker of Knesset, Israel Yeshayahu, of blessed memory

The archival collection




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