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Commemoration Site – Israel Yeshayahu

Chief editor: Ms. Na’ama Yeshayahu

Secondary editor: Lilach

Na’ama Yeshayahu, Site Editor, The late Israel Yeshayahu’s daughter, devised and initiated the idea of establishing a site in his name. She has worked, tirelessly, to edit, produce and bring it to fruition and implementation.

Na’ama Yeshayahu, an expert in all areas related to the commemoration of her father, Israel Yeshayahu, of blessed memory, is fully versed in the intellectual properties he bequeathed and is the main activist in that field.

Na’ama focuses on the historic figure and makes certain to grant him the position he deserves in the history of our People, as a supreme public figure who had a constructive influence on many strata of the Israeli society, in view of the background of his ALIYAH to Israel, his personal life and the many members of his extended family.


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