A vote of thanks

This historical website is the outcome of numerous years, dedicated to the accumulation, selection, scrutiny and organization of the information regarding the essential activities contained in the vast material that was left behind by Israel Yeshayahu

As editor of the site, I wish to thank all those who extended a helping hand and assisted in its establishment 

Dr. Avraham Wolfensohn, for his illuminating, wise and astute advice all along the way

Photographer Yakis Kidron, for professionally shooting the photo albums of Israel Yeshayahu

“Merav Productions” Studio, for their technical assistance in preparing the appropriate video clips

Ella Bar–Illan, for skillfully translating the documents while maintaining the integrity of the original script

My daughter Lilach and my son Ra’anan, for their support and excellent advice at all times

My brother Gilad, for his great encouragement during all our initiatives to commemorate our father

Ilan Koren, friend of the family and builder of the website for his dedication and perseverance

Hagar Shahar – Haimov for the design and implementation of the site with endless warmth and sensitivity


With gratitude,

Na’ama Yeshayahu





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