His Life

In this Title page, we can familiarize ourselves with several remarkable junctures in the life of Israel Yeshayahu, the way he described them and the way others wrote about him.

The life of Israel Yeshayahu embodies a tremendous saga, encompassing upheavals that, oftentimes, seemed, even to him, to go beyond the stretch of imagination.

From riding a donkey on convoluted paths to the advanced and modern State of Israel.

From poverty and hunger, to economic stability.

From bondage to political freedom.

Israel Yeshayahu, a poor child in Yemen, spent his childhood learning in the HEDER and his adolescence working as a weaver in the palace of the IMAM, ruler of Yemen in order to help support the family.

Even at that early age, he already demonstrated signs of leadership when he organized a strike of Jewish and Arab weavers in order to raise their meager wages.

This youth had a dream and he clung to it, had faith in it, and followed it albeit the hard and tortuous way.

He never despaired, as his dream to live in a Jewish State and become one of its mainstays formed the essence of his being.

Israel Yeshayahu advanced and gained prestige in Israel during a difficult period from both a political and social point of view. His background did not alleviate his entry into the political higher echelons. Therefore, at that time, he became one of the very few who, with great courage and against all odds, pursued their personal ideology towards a distinguished leadership position.

He, and a few others like him, paved the way for people of Eastern background who, today, hold key positions in Israel’s social elite.      







Significant Landmarks in his life


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